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Annual AGM

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

The orchestra met via Zoom on 18th September to hold our AGM. Richard stepped down after many years as Chair, with Jill being elected Chair for the 20/21 year. Martin was also welcomed to the Committee as Secretary. The minutes for the meeting are available here for more information.

The Committee are very grateful of the support received from members in these unprecedented times and would like to put on record their thanks to Richard for all the work that he did for the orchestra over so many years.

As reported in the October edition of Tutti - Edition #1...

The AGM on 18 September, attended by 17 members, took place in a variety of venues courtesy of Zoom. Thanks to Michael and Jo for setting it up, including some hi-Tec whistles and hooters in the form of online voting! Whatever next, John conducting from a digital score?

The minutes of the 2019 AGM were approved.

Conductor’s report: John commented that the start of the year had been good and promising and a diverse programme had been played at the Christmas concert. The players were working very well as a team. He is happy to discuss the format of where and when concerts are performed, and noted that a survey had been undertaken on players’ views on how the orchestra might progress. John thanked the committee for their work.

Treasurer’s report: Caroline noted that there was a £700 deficit on the year but the bank balance was £2,300. The orchestra could sustain a loss for a while.

Chairman’s report: Richard commented on the variety in the Christmas concert with lovely playing from Jo of the Telemann oboe concerto. Some interesting madrigals contrasted with Abba and ‘Chicago’. The concert made a small profit. In thanking the Committee Richard also thanked Kathryn Hancox for her kind provision of tea and coffee at rehearsals. And he especially thanked John for his important and ongoing commitment.

Covid19 restrictions made it very difficult for the orchestra to meet at the moment but a reserve of funds existed for the future.

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