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Autumn Music Programme

This term the music programme will include Haydn’s ’Clock’ Symphony no.101 in D Major, John’s arrangement of a ‘Seaside Shanty’, and Weber’s ‘Overture Der Freishutz’.

Claire (flute) has given us a great idea for our next concert, a programme of music taking the audience from morning through to night time. This will aptly incorporate Haydn’s ‘Clock Symphony’ and will also give us a wide scope to include different styles and origins of music. We are exploring if we can obtain the music for Leroy Anderson’s ‘Syncopated Clock’, and an Orchestral arrangement of Debussy’s ‘Suite Bergamasque’.

If you would like us to consider any other theme related music to include in the programme please speak to John.

Listen to the programme in our Music Folder on Spotify. If you don’t use Spotify already you can register and access the lists for free.

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